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RYse Groups

Looking for new perspectives on a challenge you're struggling with? Would you benefit from an independent and confidential sounding board?


Carefully selected peer learning groups that collaborate, mentor and support each other to bring about positive, lasting change.

"to achieve your goals, it matters less how smart you are or how much innate talent you're born with. these things are important, but they mean little if you don't understand one thing. you can't get there alone. in fact, you can't get very far at all. "

 - Keith Ferrazzi


Group Coaching

We want more people to reap the benefits of high-quality coaching as still, too often, it is considered a privileged form of personal development. It doesn’t have to be this way, and that’s one of the driving forces behind why we created RYse Groups.

Our RYse Groups champions the power of professional connections; they are the core of any successful career. However, we understand that these connections can be challenging to create, nurture and sustain over the long term. We also appreciate that through our coaching and broader activities, we meet many engaging and motivated professionals. So, we set up carefully selected RYse Groups to connect like-minded people who have an intrinsic interest in self-development and continuous learning to support and mentor each other.


Your peer group will act as your intelligence network, providing you with unique support, so that when you face a problem, you can draw upon ideas and expertise outside your immediate internal network. Crucially, this all happens in a protected space facilitated by a coach. You and your peers will form a small group that profoundly understands your work’s realities and idiosyncrasies and the challenges you face. You will collaborate, mentor and support each other to bring about positive, lasting change.

Why get involved?

Each RYse Group provides several critical roles to its members:

  • Helps you solve real business issues. Your peers will know things that you don’t know and can help stress test your ideas and reduce the risk of repeating mistakes others have previously made. Your group will become a great source of advice through the sharing of experiences and anecdotes.

  • They are an independent and confidential sounding board, whether that's to help you let off steam and vent or brainstorm creatively. Having the time to think, reflect and bounce ideas off your peers can be transformational for your career.

  • They will say things that others cannot say and challenge you, perhaps by raising some uncomfortable truths or holding you accountable for what you did or did not do.

  • An outside perspective helps raise your self-awareness to see yourself as others see you, something driven people are often poor at doing.

  • A community that understands and embraces the realities of your working environment as well as the pressures and challenges you face.

Whether an individual or an organisation wanting to host a dedicated group for your people, click the button below to find out more, including how it works and to receive our FAQs.

The different groups

The following groups are our groups' specialities,  and they sit at the heart of what we do. Apply now to join the next RYse Group to launch:​


A group that has already had to overcome many headwinds to achieve their current level of seniority and responsibility. Why not take advantage of a powerful tailwind by joining a peer learning group to help propel yourself to further success as “what got you here won’t get you there.”


This group is for those of you who are comfortable threading the needle and achieving business aims by striking a balance between conflicting goals and interests. Join a group of your peers across industries to share ideas and co-create the future possibilities for your businesses.


If you find yourself between gigs and trying to identify the “what’s next?”, this could be the group for you. We will connect you with supportive peers to level up your intelligence network at this critical stage in your career.

"The RYse Group was an opportunity to meet like-minded women who understood the challenges of trying to juggle work/life issues, and were thus able to provide ideas and solutions based on their experiences."


"My RYse Group was a powerful source of experience, advice, and challenge. A new network with a strong interested in self-development and continuous learning."


"Looking at problems from a different and methodical angle, was very empowering."

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