Absence of leadership

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

There are many examples of poor leadership in politics and business right now. Politics especially seems to be lacking as our political leaders are often ineffective at motivating and influencing others:

  • Lack of compelling visions

  • They surround themselves with yes men and women

  • There is no reason for us to want to aspire to be them or follow them

  • Trust is certainly found to be lacking

And then an organisation such as Facebook proves that politics doesn't have a monopoly on poor leadership or in this particular case an absence of leadership.


Ever since the Cambridge Analytica incident I have been scratching my head and wondering where the CEO and COO at Facebook are getting their advice. Surely their coach, mentor or external advisors are challenging them and providing alternative insights and thoughts to consider. This seems like a classic case of where a challenging coach, one outside of an organisation's line management would add tremendous value. People at the top rarely get honest feedback from those around them or get held to account in the same way that they hold others to account. This is where an external, independent coach who is a strategic partner will make a huge difference.

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