During my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with a wide range of clients to accelerate their success and make a profound impact on their careers and personal lives. I’m inspired by their success and value the partnerships that we form. Below are a few of my clients who have shared their kind thoughts and experiences.

rob asks the difficult questions

I never cease to be amazed by his consistent energy. He has a real passion for helping people develop everything from dealing with a tricky conversation to making major life-impacting decisions. Rob asks the difficult questions and, in return, expects some real focus and thinking to unearth both challenges and opportunities. Through working with Rob, I've crystalised some emerging ideas about my future career and feel like I have a much clearer sense of direction. Through the application of some tools and approaches, I understand the framework of my motivations and drivers much more holistically.  Rob is a wonderful listener, and I felt he really navigated through our sessions in a way that focused on helping me develop a longer-term strategy whilst responding to situations and events as they occurred.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions with Rob and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for an executive coach to truly partner with them to achieve their goals.

Technology COO, Global Investment Bank

a great asset for your career

The focus for my work with Rob was when I transitioned to a new firm, team and role. He helped me in so many aspects, including:


  • Prioritising and organising my thought process to set up a strategic business plan.

  • Helping me identify different leadership styles so I can be versatile and adaptable according to the situations.

  • Giving me some practical and simple pieces of advice that I can implement - from being more emotionally aware to combating a sense of being overwhelmed.

  • Helping me resolve conflicts and getting people on my side.

Thanks to Rob, I was successful in the MD promotion process. Rob is a great asset for your career, and I am fortunate to have had an opportunity to work closely with him!

Managing Director, Sales

a great sparring partner

I recently started in a new role as CEO. A new function for me in a completely new industry. Rob helped me to develop coaching goals that matched my ‘Jobs to be done’ so that we could really track my progress concretely. Rob is very good at keeping us structured and always bringing us back to the goals. He has a very pragmatic approach and is very hands on, also taking part in some of my internal meetings so he could see me 'in action'. Rob is able to ask the right questions and is a truly active listener. He is able to combine active listening with offering concrete advice and suggestions. He is a great sparring partner and I really appreciate his diligence in getting to know me and the organisation so we can always pick up where we left off. His coaching has been invaluable to me so far and I look forward to continuing our work together.

CEO, Family Office

Rob is an excellent listener and trusted sounding board

Working with Rob has been invaluable.  Rob’s industry experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced in my role was instrumental in helping me to set realistic objectives.  Rob is an excellent listener and trusted sounding board. I felt I could have a very open and honest dialogue with him.

Rob strikes the right balance of challenging me, brainstorming ideas, and offering insights and tools. Since working with Rob, my confidence has grown significantly, and I am speaking up more, this has increased my visibility and relationships with senior colleagues globally - they now seek out my views and opinions.   I am also delegating to my team more successfully, which means the team has become more effective, efficient, strategic, aligned and pulling in one direction.

Working with Rob and achieving all of these goals meant I met my overall objective of promotion.

Chief Operating Officer, Investment Bank

a trusted sounding board

My original goal of working with Robert was to take stock of and reflect on my current leadership style at work and more generally, how could I increase impact. However, as the coaching program started, I took on a new, more senior role in a new country. The coaching before, during and now ongoing since that move helped me focus on how to ready myself to be as impactful as possible in a new role but also leave the old team in a strong position as I transitioned out. For me, what was critical here is that Robert pushed to understand the specifics of the organisation and my thoughts to provide clear, actionable feedback. As I have continued to work with Robert now, he acts as a trusted sounding board as I think both about specific business issues or more broadly my career.

MD, Fintech

a far better level of self-awareness...concrete positive changes​

I started working with Rob with the objective of improving the performance and culture of my team, and enhancing the quality of communication with my peers. This may sound vague but there were specific issues that needed fixing and Rob was instrumental in both helping identify what they were and helping me make practical changes. In particular, his ‘stakeholder insights’ were particularly valuable as they helped me realise the gulf that existed between how I thought I was perceived and how I actually was perceived. This formed the basis of a series of constructive sessions over many months. 

What I found particularly valuable was that Rob has just the right balance between open-ended questions, and specific, actionable advice – as well as taking the time to really try to understand the feedback I’d received from others and help me understand it. I completed the series of sessions with a far better level of self-awareness and having put into place several concrete positive changes in my engagement style.


I’d recommend Rob to anybody who is determined to make a change and to engage constructively.

Chief Technology Officer, Blockchain

helped me open my eyes to a different way

Robert very quickly helped me identify the areas in my work that I wanted (and needed) to develop.  This led me to work towards new ways for me to assess and improve my working relationships from the very first session.  I appreciated the honest and helpful feedback from Robert and the way he helped me open my eyes to a different way of viewing and developing my working relationships in a new structure and with a new role.  Each session gave me plenty of food for thought and the feedback from Robert made a lasting impression that I will continue to utilise in my career development.  Thank you!

Chief Curator, ZSL

Helped me peel back the layers and reset my perspective

I came to Rob initially to help deal with issues with transatlantic team dynamics that I knew I was, in part, contributing to but was unable to identify exactly how. After thirty years of acquired experience, the layers of good and bad experiences had combined into a prejudging of problems. This prejudice can be beneficial in speedy resolution of issues because they are familiar, but in my case, they also came with some cynicism that was blocking or even preventing issue resolution. Rob was able to help me peel back the layers and reset my perspective on the issues. He also helped me ensure that sufficient time was devoted to bringing the team with me despite us all being under severe time pressure to deliver business growth.

Chief Financial Officer

helped me have an immediate positive impact

The coaching helped me transition into a new organisation, one with a different culture and way of doing things and have an immediate positive impact through quickly building credibility. This was achieved through practical and actionable ideas, insights and tools that could be used with my team and key stakeholders. Rob was particularly helpful through challenging my approach when dealing with stakeholders from different backgrounds and who may have different motivators. Rob is a confidential sounding board and coaching helped me build my confidence to motivate and influence others.

Chief Operating Officer, Investment Bank

I now feel I have clarity and direction

I began working with Rob at a time of major change in my career and I did not have a clear sense of what I was looking to achieve from the coaching. However, I quickly garnered significant value from Rob’s ability to tease out of me areas I wanted to focus on, brainstorm on those ideas, and reign them back in to define specific goals. His manner is always amiable and professional and he is direct, while still allowing me to drive the objectives of the sessions. After just a few months, I now feel I have clarity and direction on what I can, and want, to achieve. I value Rob as a sounding board and trusted business partner.

Company Treasurer, Financial Services

Implement new strategies that has resulted in significant improvements

Working with Rob has been an invaluable experience. Rob has helped me identify and implement new strategies that has resulted in significant improvements to my confidence, communication and visibility with senior colleagues globally. I am speaking up more, communicating proactively and effectively delegating to my team.  Rob has challenged and guided me throughout the sessions, his significant industry experience was instrumental in helping me to set realistic objectives.

Chief Operating Officer, Investment Bank

a pathway to more impactful communication and a framework to become a more effective leader

The coaching sessions with Rob have been a fantastic experience. Rob is an excellent listener and can provide very thoughtful input and guidance. Even more importantly Rob has helped me to raise my own self-awareness. This self-awareness is a crucial precondition to enable conscious change, development and growth. I personally benefited from nothing less than developing a pathway to more impactful communication, a framework to become a more effective leader, and strategic options for the business I run.

Managing Director, Investment Bank

the coaching will enhance business outcomes for my organisation going forward


I found these sessions to be extremely beneficial; they were both thought provoking and outcome driven. Rob was an excellent sounding board regarding specific challenges that I was facing, but the approaches and strategies that we discussed had an emphasis on the longer term and are things that I can definitely utilise in my role going forward.


Speaking to someone with vast industry experience, yet completely impartial, added a really unique perspective to the conversations. Not only did the sessions improve my personal skill-set, but there are clear examples of how the coaching has/will enhance business outcomes for my organisation going forward.


I have been introduced to a number of mentors/coaches over the years and have never had positive outcomes, this was the complete opposite and I would highly recommend Rob to anyone interested in coaching sessions whether that is individuals with specific objectives or organisations who are looking to develop their individuals.


Director, Financial Services Recruitment

supporting me in brainstorming for alternatives and ways of doing things better


I have really appreciated Rob’s way of helping me to articulate and give meaning to the thoughts I had about what I wanted in my career. At no point was he judgemental or trying to reach conclusions for me, but rather, he was supporting me in brainstorming for alternatives and ways of doing things better. His insights and advice on the banking industry were  invaluable and he was able to understand the context and why I was raising specific questions or was having specific concerns.

Research Director

providing an outside-in, pragmatic perspective that enabled me to get to actionable insights


With his own background in business, Rob related easily to the topics and challenges that I face in my function and was therefore a suitable sparring partner and coach, providing an outside-in and very pragmatic perspective that enabled me to get to actionable insight.

Managing Director, Real Estate Investment Manager

have empowered me to improve my effectiveness and increase the impact that I have in my organisation


Rob’s passion for leadership and developing others came through in our coaching sessions, as did his insights and practical advice. During our time together I learned to use tools and techniques that I feel have empowered me to improve my effectiveness and increase the impact that I have in my organisation.


Chief Operating Officer, Global Investment Bank

has challenged and guided me throughout


My coaching sessions with Rob coincided with an expansion in my role, responsibility and the opportunity to take my career to the next level. The sessions have enabled me to set directed goals to achieve my personal targets. Rob’s deep understanding of the industry helped us quickly establish a strong rapport. The coaching focused on enhancing my gravitas and executive presence, building and deepening relationships so that I am more effective at managing senior stakeholders. Rob has challenged and guided me throughout the experience, and he has helped me to develop the framework to become a more effective leader.


Executive Director, Fixed Income Trading Operations