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The Foundry's goal is to break down the barriers surrounding coaching knowledge access and create a setting where professionals and knowledge workers can easily obtain expert insights and tools that they may not have been able to access otherwise.

This knowledge hub is designed to help you extract as much value as possible, as efficiently as possible. It can help you lead a more fulfilling career, by making coaching more accessible and exposing you to the tools and techniques that focus on three key areas: leadership, coaching in the executive setting, and productivity.

The Foundry is here to help you stimulate and guide you in your otherwise distracted everyday working life. I spend long hours coaching, reading or studying to learn specific leadership, coaching and productivity skills exhaustively. I then digest that knowledge into a form easily accessed by those who don't have the time for such research.

Through the Foundry, we hope to:

1. Make coaching more accessible and less of a privileged form of self-development, particularly coaching tools and techniques.


2. To help busy professionals and knowledge workers to develop a coaching style of leadership.


3. To equip more people with the knowledge, tools, tips and discipline to build a coaching culture in their teams and workplaces.




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