Meet Robert

I am a business and leadership focused executive coach based in London. I provide executive coaching to individuals and teams, both in-person and virtually. I help successful professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders, and high-level executives through my coaching to develop their leadership skills and capabilities.

My background

I have been coaching professionals across industries since 2018. During that time, I have successfully helped my clients to become more impactful leaders, and transition into new roles and organisations. As an independent, strategic partner, I have also supported them while evaluating the strategic options for their careers and businesses, and to achieve their desired promotions.

As a coach, I can leverage a 22-year career spent in finance. During that time, I worked at Morgan Stanley in New York and London as a Managing Director and held the role of Chief Operating Officer.


I am at my best when helping clients to develop their leadership skills and capabilities. Specifically, the objective analysis and evaluation of issues, and strategic options for their careers and businesses – to help them think and make better decisions, enabling them to thrive and differentiate during volatility, unpredictability, and the pressure to continuously “do”. This includes developing and enhancing their skills, a transition to a new role and taking on more responsibility and more significant roles.

I have built and led highly effective teams. Delivering improvements in financial performance and overseeing significant business change, and was a member of the successful, global leadership team that returned the Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Division to healthy growth. I enjoyed working in complex, fast-paced commercial businesses and have first-hand experience of the complexities and issues professionals face today.

What's it like to be coached by me?

My collaborative and pragmatic coaching style utilises stories and insights from this successful, eventful, and yet a humbling 22-year corporate career.


I provide several crucial roles through my coaching, including being an independent sounding board, someone that will challenge and hold you accountable. Someone that will give an outside perspective to raise your self-awareness and help you identify solutions for your problems.

I will help you answer your questions, and question your answers.

My focus is on actionable insights and the outcome-driven applications and most productive ways to get results for my clients that lead to positive, lasting change. Clients describe me as a “trusted sounding board”, and one Chief Technology Officer says, “I’d recommend Rob to anybody who is determined to make a change and to engage constructively.”

Coaching versus Mentoring

My clients

My clients are successful, impact-driven leaders in their fields. They include financial and professional services executives as well as leaders in Fintech and broader sectors such as higher education. They all share a desire to create change in their personal or professional lives. Whether the change is big, something the whole world can see, or small adjustments to get ahead, they all have a growth mindset. They believe they can develop their own and their team’s potential and raise their performance.


Typically, I work with clients who:


  • Want to obtain new perspectives on a challenge they have been struggling with.

  • Are looking to enhance their performance and impact, to become a more effective leader.

  • Are starting a new role and want to make a positive impact,  and quickly establish credibility.

  • Are transitioning between roles or organisations.

  • Want help analysing and evaluating issues, and resulting strategic options in the service of enhanced decision-making.

  • Are looking to benefit from an independent and confidential sounding board.

Personal Development

I want more people to benefit from coaching and have the opportunity to introduce coaching into their busy working days. Outside of my coaching, I provide some of the core coaching tools, techniques and disciplines to help people become more impactful leaders through two other avenues:


1 - I write a popular blog that shares insights from the fields of leadership, coaching and productivity. I hope that knowledge workers and executives discover new insights and get exposed to new tools and habits, that lead to positive, enduring change. Which makes a difference to the way they work.

2 - I created and published the RYSE JOURNAL. A self-coaching journal for mastering the behaviours to motivate yourself, and succeed at work. RYSE JOURNAL is designed to help you organise your thoughts in a world of doing more with less and the fallacy that we must always be busy. The goal of this blankish notebook is to help busy professionals develop a coaching style of leadership through thoughtful insights and activities interspersed throughout their workdays.


  • Graduate of Meyler Campbell's Mastered coaching program, accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC) and awarded the European Quality Award conferred by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

  • Certified in the use of Hogan Assessments (HPI, HDS and MVPI)

  • Member of and accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC)

  • Regular coach supervision and extensive CPD activity

  • Adherence to the AC and EMCC global code of ethics

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