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Helping you to answer your questions and question your answers.


My focus is on actionable insights, outcome-driven applications, and the most productive ways to get results for my clients, leading to positive, lasting change. Clients describe me as:

  • Someone who asks the difficult questions.

  • A guide to challenge yet partner with you.

  • A trusted sounding board.

  • A great sparring partner.


My coaching sessions are a mixture of consultation, exploration, challenge, discussion, support, experimentation, and mentoring. Although flexible and far-reaching, the 1-2-1s are situational and intentional. There are business challenges and career and personal development agendas to satisfy. I make sure clients are moving forward towards their goals, and positive enduring change.

Help for ambitious professionals, aspiring leaders, and executives


Typically a 6-12 month engagement, with weekly, fortnightly or monthly virtual or in-person meetings. As agreed, I am also available in between coaching sessions to help the coaching continue between sessions. Throughout, we use diagnostic tools, evidence-based research, and frameworks to generate and capture insights, enhance the quality of your thinking, make better decisions and stimulate actions. Coaching requires commitment and investment of your energy, time and money. To provide a strong foundation for changes to habits, behaviours, and skills development, the initial commitment is for 12 hours of 1-2-1 coaching.


In the beginning, we will create insights to explore how you come across to others, how you view yourself and the personal development and outcomes you want to achieve. This stage will often involve a briefing from your sponsoring manager (where relevant) and the Hogan Psychometric Assessment, which provides a unique insight into the depths of personality and cognitive reasoning, which can have strong implications for performance and development. We may also seek to gather insights from stakeholders through a bespoke 360 feedback process (optional). The initial coaching sessions will enable us to develop a plan for the next six to twelve months based on your goals.


In each subsequent session, we'll work in partnership to discuss progress, work out ways to overcome obstacles, explore opportunities, and design experiments to form new habits and change behaviours. I will provide you with ways to structure your thinking and make more robust decisions in service of your goals for your business or career. I will share evidence-based research, frameworks and tools to work through, and stories and anecdotes to support and challenge you, thereby increasing accountability and progress towards your goals.



"It is only process that saves us from the poverty of our intentions."

- Elizabeth King.



I will prepare for each session ahead of time and reflect afterwards to maximise the value of our time together. In between sessions, I will often share further thoughts and articles that I think you will find helpful in the continuation of your learning and to aid your accountability in completing your coaching follow-ups.


I typically work with no more than twenty people at any one time. This self-imposed limit helps ensure my coaching energy is consistently high, honed, and focused on what is best for my clients, not on being the busiest coach around.

Six key elements of our work together



Creating awareness by exploring how you come across to others and how you view yourself.



Working out the history and source of the problem, challenge, obstacles or the nature of the opportunities in detail.



Create new ideas, alternative solutions and hypotheses that you can experiment with in low-risk ways to see what works.



At its core, coaching is about change. Coaching success is conditional on clarifying and defining your goals and desired outcomes.



Not all decisions are equal. Helping you identify, clarify and approach the choices in front of you and the trade-offs involved.



Going deep to double-click on what to retain and what to change is essential for creating new habits and behaviours and establishing new skills to achieve the desired outcomes.

Being clear upfront


On the rare occasions that something goes wrong in coaching, it almost always comes down to contracting - what is agreed on upfront. Let's try to do something about that now. If you are reading this, I am assuming that you are most probably seriously considering engaging with a coach. I, therefore, think it is important to be on the same page when it comes to my 1) costs and 2) coaching services agreement.

Costs depend on whether you are an organisation sponsoring coaching for one of your talented executives or someone self-funding the coaching for your own personal development:


  • For organisations*, prices start from GBP7,200 + VAT

  • For self-funding individuals, prices start from GBP4,500 + VAT

I use a coaching services agreement that we both sign and jointly commit to. You can download the template here should you find it helpful: Coaching services agreement proforma template.

* If you are a charitable or educational organisation and sponsoring coaching, you may be eligible for a lower rate.

Not ready yet?


It's normal. Sometimes, making these decisions takes time. Or now may not be the best time. Coaching is about creating change in your life. If your desire to change isn't strong or urgent, then perhaps there is no need for a coach right now. Timing can be an essential factor in coaching.

You can stay in touch by following me on LinkedIn, where I post relevant content. Alternatively, I write a popular email newsletter that shares insights from the fields of leadership, coaching and productivity. You can subscribe to receive free leadership, coaching and productivity insights.


For those of you who would like to try self-coaching, I created and published the RYSE JOURNAL, a self-coaching journal for mastering the key behaviours to motivate yourself and succeed at work. The RYSE JOURNAL is designed to help you organise your thoughts in a world of doing more with less. Through thoughtful insights and helpful activities interspersed throughout your workday, this journal aims to help you develop a coaching style of leadership.

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