Transition Advisory

Transitions are opportunities, a chance to make needed changes in an organisation. However, often the success that executives have had to date in their careers does not prepare them to operate in a different culture and way of doing things.

Our philosophy is that transitions are essential for leadership development and crucial for business success. Coaching is ideally placed to help prepare and support executives as they face new and challenging experiences.

The transition advisory offering focuses on integrating executives into a new culture and way of doing things, reducing the risk of “organ rejection” and accelerating their time to being fully effective in the new role.

In the fast-paced, rapidly evolving business environment hiring top talent is no longer enough. New outside hires often fail to integrate into their new organisations because they are not familiar with the culture, way of doing things and lack a support network.

Transition advisory has been designed to help support new leaders to reach full performance faster and mitigate these risks. We work closely with the hiring organisation to support the new executive and provide intensive coaching to accelerate learning, build relationships and implement change.

Given the speed at which modern business is moving, realising a reduction in time to be fully effective and mitigating lost time and missed opportunities through new-hires leaving, creates a substantial business benefit.


The best way to recover from a false start is to avoid one in the first place. Our work together starts before you walk in the door for the first time.


It is essential to recognise

that there is a team history,

a shared journey that has brought the business to this point.


Don’t assume to have the answers. The only way to gain the knowledge, insights and solutions is from talking to people who have critical experience about the situation.


A new leader builds their credibility by demonstrating awareness of important operational issues and swiftly solving urgent problems.

Transitions can be vulnerable times. As the adage goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Our program has been designed to support new leaders to reach their full potential faster and mitigate the costs of failure.

Find out more about Transition Advisory and how it can help your organisation integrate and onboard new talent. Email to begin.

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