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360 reviews - good or bad?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

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The 360 is a powerful tool for raising self-awareness and a way to help build and sustain a learning environment. In my past career as a financial services COO, I encouraged my leadership teams to invest time and effort into the annual reviews and viewed it as a useful way to give and receive feedback for me and my direct reports.

As an executive coach, the 360 continues to be a powerful tool for helping to raise the self-awareness of my clients and targeting potential blind spots to work on. The key point is that it is a tool that should not be overused and it must be used properly whereas the poorly applied "sheep dip" approach to annual 360 reviews at some organisations has led to the tool being maligned.

In this article, Jack Zenger highlights some key points about 360 reviews and how they can be used to create a feedback-rich environment which I view as essential for creating a learning environment.

A key part of being a leader is giving and receiving feedback and to create the environment to learn.

It is your job to care personally an challenge directly. When was the last time you gave timely and constructive feedback?


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