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Listening to Geoff Mulgan, the CEO from Nesta (the global innovation foundation) the emergent field to be focused on is


My key take away and the main insight for me is that leaders, whether in education, business, public service etc need to mobilise their whole organisation and not just their teams. Not only is the job of a great leader to build and develop great teams but they need to determine how to benefit from the collective intelligence and wisdom from their entire organisation and also business partners and key external stakeholders.

Get out and meet people, speak to as many people in your organisation as possible. Be accessible, make sure everyone has time to think and speak, not just the most extroverted or most senior.

Communicate and share information about what is going well and what is not going well. People need information, in the absence of information they make it up themselves whilst speculating and gossiping.

Establish junior operating committes or innovation forums and ask them the following questions:

"what have you noticed that needs attention or change that I may not have noticed? And what should be done about it?"


"if the leadership team were ran over by a bus and you are now in charge, what would you do first and why?"

Act upon ideas, give people resources, empower and sponsor them to try out their ideas and tell everyone about what is happening

Challenge the status quo, don't embrace it

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