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CEO reflections

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Photo by Alain Wong on Unsplash

There are several insights in a recent research report from Egon Zehnder titled: "The CEO: A Personal Reflection"

that I want to highlight as they emphasise the value of working with an independent and challenging business coach.

The key points from this report are not just for CEOs but for all professionals and executives that want to continuously develop their leadership skills and capabilities:

  1. Self-transformation is critical: show curiosity and challenge themselves, adopt habits to help productivity and be better listeners

  2. Being a leader can be lonely: more guidance and support is required on the human side of leadership, how to manage and overcome conflicts, motivate and inspire

  3. Driving change is hard work: finding and protecting the time to reflect, think and plan and developing an effective team continue to prove difficult and at times impossible

An independent, strategic and challenging business coach can help you overcome these challenges and develop the skills, resilience and capabilities to thrive. You can discover more about how working with an executive coach can help - here.


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