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Every problem doesn't have to be your problem

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Don't choose what to read based on what was published recently. Unless you need to for work, why prioritise the past 24 hours?

The goal of Twitter and the mainstream media (MSM) is to make every problem your problem.

  • Information and news delivery speed has increased thanks to platforms such as Twitter and TikTok.

  • The cost to produce is also substantially lower than in the past. Consequently, some people write multiple posts a day.

It is difficult and can be exhausting to write something thoughtful and full of insight on one topic, let alone many different ones. The fluency of the person you're getting your news from in the subject you're interested in when they are writing hundreds of articles a year can be near zero.

As a result, you risk filling your head with surface opinions and one-sided arguments that could damage your emotional well-being.

In simple terms, Iatrogenic means "harm caused by the healer."

Consider the iatrogenics of Twitter and the MSM. Both must be filled daily with "newsworthy" items, notably those gathering clicks and attention. Whereas perhaps they should keep silent in the absence of news of significance, but that is not how they make money.

Hence the media is guilty of increasing the noise-to-signal ratio - they are sometimes iatrogenic.

It takes a lot of effort to produce thoughtful content that helps you answer your questions and question your answers.

How about spending less time-consuming news and more time thinking or seeking out dense information sources rather than surface-level summaries or news headlines?

There is a signal within all that noise ➡️ Monthly Musings.

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