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High performing teams

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Photo by Sean Alabaster on Unsplash

I am a strong believer in the saying

Effective teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage

and spend a significant time with my coaching clients helping them to identify the key ingredients for effective teams. We typically carry out an assessment of the level of engagement in the team and review the effectiveness of the team bonding between the people in the team as well as to the team goals.

Often we find that more clarity about purpose, goals, responsibilities and how the members work together is required. Teams without clarity will struggle to commit to a common purpose and to each other. This is a key differentiator between struggling and successful teams.

The difference between a successful team and a high-performing team is the degree to how committed the team members are to their common goals and also to each other's growth and success.

Team Performance Curves from The Wisdom of Teams


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