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Hitting the wall!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Photo by Messala Ciulla on Unsplash

Hitting the wall typically refers to endurance sports and the onset of sudden fatigue or loss of energy as the body’s reserves have been depleted. The most readily available fuel source to burn is gone so the brain and body shut down activity and enter preservation mode and you literally cannot take another step.

Proper preparation and training give the muscles in your body the ability to use other energy stores, not just rely upon the easy source of energy (carbohydrates) but gain access to the fat stores so that you can keep going and complete the distance. The key is expecting to hit the wall and appropriately preparing yourself to face and overcome the hurdle.

In business we may not always know the exact point we will hit the wall be it a new project, client, product, business launch etc but you can be certain that at some point you will run into one. At that point, being surprised or being prepared makes all the difference to your ability in overcoming the obstacles that you will face.


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