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Insecure overachievers

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

There are strong comments made in this excellent Radio 4 program on elite professional services firms

driven by a sense of my own inadequacy...
the higher I climbed the more frightened I became of falling.
you have to suppress your biological and emotional needs in order to be at the beck and call of your work

These are just a few of the statements made by the insecure overachievers working at the elite professional services firms in London.

Is there a paradox here?

"these firms create the ideal environment to exploit these insecure overachievers" and the reality that experienced talent is the number one scarce resource that elite professional service firms have today.

My advice, if you are one of these insecure overachievers, speak with an independent executive coach. The right coach will be a trusted sounding board. Someone outside the establishment's line management, whose only focus is on helping you. A coach will be able to say things that perhaps others cannot say. They will provide an outside perspective which can help you see yourself as others see you, something driven people are often poor at doing.


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