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Inspirational women from history

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Book: What Would Boudicca Do?

Have just stumbled across this little gem of a book "What would Boudicca do?" My daughter has been reading it after finishing her school's production of the play "Boudicca" so I have borrowed it to share.

It turns to some of the most celebrated women from history for some light-hearted advice, two of my personal favourites (well I am British) are:

Boudicca - standing up for herself and a source of encouragement for anyone who struggles with assertiveness

Elizabeth I - a punchy communicator who used so called "soft skills" like persuasion, interpersonal skills, networking and powerful public speaking to push through tough decisions

Both demonstrated skills in their male-dominated worlds that wouldn't be out of place in today's modern workplace... of course, let's not chop any heads off, please!


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