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I am inspired. I have met with female leaders from a broad range of sectors such as healthcare, blockchain, consulting, risk management, financial services and recruitment. They have a common bond in that they are energetic, driven and passionate about what they do and how they are driving their businesses forward. It is infectious, and I have come away from each meeting having learnt something new and looking forward to working with them as long-term partners.

Based on my experience, clients and network the explanations (excuses!) from a range of FTSE 350 Chairs and CEOS about why there are so few women in senior roles are utterly wrong.

The lack of diversity (gender, age, background, education etc) on the boards is holding so many businesses back from reaching their potential. These comments suggest a lack of self-awareness, a lack of listening to their stakeholders and not enough BHAGs.

#leaders #diversity #genderbalance

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