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Outcomes versus Growth

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

What would success be? If we were sitting here in six months and you are saying the coaching has been a massive success because you are now doing x and y - what are they?

I regularly ask prospective clients this question during an initial introductory, and exploratory call commonly referred to as a "chemistry session".

Some people will say that success will be they attained promotion to Managing Director, Partner etc. Or they will have been awarded a more prominent role.

Those goals are outcomes. The problem of judging ourselves based on outcomes is that we lose track of the things that get us the best results. It can be a vicious circle, by focusing our energy on the outcomes we can end up getting worse ones.

Instead, we should focus on the development and growth required to get there - those are the things that will get us the best outcomes and that we have more control over.

Choose development and growth-focused goals that align with your desired outcomes but don't overly focus on things you don't have sufficient control over.


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