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Summer Reading - 2023

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I really enjoyed reading these not new books for the first time this year, and I think you will too.

Gordon J Curphy, Dianne L Nisen and Robert Hogan

This book is a valuable resource for those wanting to better understand how to build and lead high-performing teams. As the book says, "...the fact is that all great human achievement is the result of team efforts. The degree to which this fact is overlooked is alarming and is a consequence of the individualistic bias of our culture." This book introduces the Rocket Model and challenges the standard psychology of teams by stating:

  • Teams have jobs to do, and some teams are more effective at doing their jobs than others.

  • The principal task of leadership is to build a high-performing team.

Danny Meyer

This book contains powerful lessons that have allowed the successful restauranter and entrepreneur, Danny Meyer, to lead with intention rather than intuition. Lessons he learnt from creating, launching and running high-end restaurants that are surprisingly applicable to every other industry and sector.

David Emerald

No, this book is not about the TED talks. Instead, this book is about "The Empowerment Dynamic." Many of you may have heard of the Drama Triangle, where the actors play the role of victim, rescuer or persecutor. Well, this book - written as a fable - introduces us to a way of escaping the victim orientation foundational to the drama triangle.

Remember the importance of taking notes on what you read to help you remember the content and recall the most important insights quickly. My second brain digital note-taking system now contains my notes on over fifty books covering Coaching, Leadership, Productivity, Psychology, and much more.

Enjoy the summer, and let me know what you are reading and listening to!


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