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I spend long hours coaching, reading, or studying leadership, coaching and productivity to stay abreast of the latest news and developments. Then, I digest that knowledge into a form that is easily accessible to everyone who doesn't have time for such activities. I hope to provide the insights, tools and habits that will make a difference in your life and career - by helping you answer your questions and question your answers.

You may want to get a sense of how I analyse problems and communicate. Here are links to five of my favourite pieces:

  1. The High Cost of Low Self-Awareness in Leadership

  2. The Undeniable Importance of Trust

  3. We are Starting Leadership Development Too Late

  4. Who, not What

  5. How Often Do You Say No?

I have migrated the blog to Substack. The articles you see below are archived and will not be updated. For new content, please subscribe (for free) to Coaching Contemplations on Substack.

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