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How to tackle your inner critic and turn your emotions into an advantage

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

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Our emotions are invisible drivers of much of our behaviour. They drive us far more than we appreciate, and this naturally extends into our working lives.

Ask yourself this question:

Do you look at emotions as a source of weakness, not as a source of power?

If used well, our emotions can be our greatest source of strength. The difference between good and great is not just the amount of time spent training or hard at work. It's about our ability to translate negative emotions into positive emotions, into a source of power. That's what we do in our better moments. Let's see how we can manage our anxiety through this approach and tackle self-doubt.

Inner Critic

Understanding and preparing for your inner critic can help you thrive in challenging situations and help others do the same.

You know the voice:

"It was good luck that got me to where I am today. I don’t deserve it.”


“I feel like I’m going to be exposed as a fake, I can’t speak in front of that many people.”


“Everyone else knows so much more than me. They don’t want to hear my opinion.”

That voice is your inner critic — cynical or self-sabotaging self-talk.

The inner critic, whether a loud paralysing voice or subtle background anxiety, is a persistent part of many people's professional lives. Commonly referred to as Imposter Syndrome, people are troubled by the experience of feeling fraudulent in some way. They do not deserve the success they have achieved, or dread being found out.

We, therefore, need to rewrite the script in our head and silence the inner critic.

Rewrite the script in your head by identifying five crucial times in your life when you were courageous and overcame adversity. Also, record five achievements of which you are most proud to have accomplished.

Carry this list around with you, and turn to it every time you hear your inner critic start to speak. Form a new habit and focus on the times you have been courageous during your life and career whenever anxiety and self-doubt arises and rewrite the script in your head.


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