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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Who wouldn't want to be part of a carefully selected peer learning group that collaborates, mentors and supports each other to bring about positive, lasting change?

A group that:

  • Helps you solve real business issues and is a powerful source of advice through the sharing of experiences and anecdotes.

  • Is an independent and confidential sounding board, whether to help you let off steam and vent or perhaps brainstorm creatively.

  • Will say things that others cannot say and challenge you, holding you accountable for what you did or did not do.

  • Provides an outside perspective to help raise your self-awareness, which can help you see yourself as others see you, something driven people are often poor at doing.

  • Is a community that understands and embraces the realities of your working environment as well as the pressures and challenges you face.

I want more people to gain from the benefits of high-quality coaching, and for it not to be a privileged form of personal development. It doesn’t have to be this way, and that’s the first idea behind the RYse Groups.

Secondly, it’s about connections which are at the core of a successful career but can be challenging to create, nurture and sustain over the long term. The groups connect like-minded people who have an intrinsic interest in self-development and continuous learning. RYse Groups are a carefully selected peer learning group that supports and mentors each other. The most successful leaders we know learn by tapping into their network intelligence. Your peer group will provide you with this unique support, so when you face a problem, you can draw upon ideas and expertise outside your immediate internal network.

Third, this all happens in a protected space. You and your peers will form a small group that profoundly understands the realities and idiosyncrasies of your work and the challenges you face. You will collaborate, mentor and support each other to bring about positive, lasting change.

Find out more here and apply to join a new group launching soon.

  • Women in Financial Services

  • Linchpins

  • In Transition


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